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Our Mascot - "Gillu" The Squirrel

Gillu is an energetic Indian palm size squirrel who loves three things the most- Nuts, Fruits and Sports. This brown coloured cute squirrel with soft and silky fur has attractive shiny eyes that give it excellent sight and colour vision, a bushy tail, small ears that are triangular, sturdy claws and four legs that give it supersonic speed. Genius by brain and fair from the heart, Gillu's playful and funny acts never fail to gain the attention of the crowd. This fun-loving frenzy creature is the official mascot and lucky charm of our sports-centred website It gives an excellent sketch of our efforts and enthusiasm towards sports and sportspersons, depicting the qualities of sportsmanship and optimism. Indian squirrels are fast learners and hence Gillu is too.

The word squirrel comes from the ancient Greek word "skiouros", which means a shadow-tailed creature. Unlike squirrels of other species, Gillu never goes for hibernation which means you can always find it running here and there, enjoying the life in its own way.