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19 Jul, 2021

7-member Indian Para Badminton team to compete at Tokyo Paralympics

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As para-badminton will make its debut at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo next month, India will send a strong seven-member para shuttlers team after the Badminton World Federation (BWF) granted the country two bipartite quotas.

Para shuttlers Suhas L. Yathiraj received a quota in the SL4 men’s singles, while Manoj Sarkar made a cut in the SL3 men’s singles and joined the team led by the world number one Pramod Bhagat.

The addition of two para shuttlers also increased India’s chances of winning medals in the two men’s singles categories. India already has Bhagat in the SL3 men’s singles and Tarun Dillon in the SL4 men’s singles.

“I am very happy to have a strong influence at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. Indian para-badminton players have performed very well in international events, including the Asian Para Games and the World Championships, and now this is the time to lead the show in the Paralympic Games. It’s great to have two badminton players, each in the men’s SL3 category and the men’s SL4 category, which enhances our medal prospects. We hope to win gold and silver medals in both categories,” said Chief National Coach, Gaurav Khanna.

“Although it is a bit disappointing because I hope that more badminton players will qualify for the competition because they have performed well in the recent BWF events,” Khanna added.

Yathiraj is Confident to win a medal in Tokyo

Yathiraj, the District Magistrate of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, is elated and confident of winning a medal at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

The bronze medalist at the 2018 Asian Para Games, Yathiraj said: “As a DM of Noida, it was a very challenging period during the pandemic. But I never gave up my training and devoted all my attention and time to it. I am very confident of winning a medal at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics”.

Dream Come True for Sarkar

The former world no. 1, Manoj Sarkar said: “It is a dream to qualify for the Paralympics, especially when the sport is all set to make its debut. There are many expectations on me, and I hope to live up to expectations in Tokyo. My goal is to get to the podium finish at the Games, and I will strive to win gold.”

The President of the Paralympic Committee of India, Dr. Deepa Malik, is pleased with the two bipartite slots. 

Malik said: “We are delighted with the latest developments. In the past few years, our para shuttlers have performed very well in international competitions. The addition of Suhas L. Yathiraj and Manoj Sarkar has increased our chances of winning medals. I wish the entire team good luck.”

7-member Para Shuttlers Squad

Men’s Singles: 
Pramod Bhagat (SL3)
Manoj Sarkar (SL3)
Tarun Dhillon (SL4)
Suhas L. Yathiraj (SL4)
Krishna Nagar (SH6)

Women’s Doubles:
Parul Parmar and Palak Kohli (SL3-SU5)

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