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Allianz Riviera

Capacity: 36,178 (Football), 35,169 (Rugby), 44,624 (Concerts)
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Also known as the Stade de Nice, the Allianz Riviera is a multi-purpose stadium situated in the beautiful and the most populous urban area S...

Central Broward Regional Park

United States of America
Capacity: 20,000
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Here we are talking about the beautiful cricket stadium of USA - Central Broward Regional Park and Central Broward Stadium. It is located a...

EKA Arena

Capacity: 20,000 (outdoor); 4,000 (indoor)
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EKA Arena, formerly known as 'The Arena', is a multi-purpose stadium in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Located in the beautiful premises of Kankaria La...

Baluan Sholak Sports Palace

Capacity: 5,000
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The Baluan Sholak Sports Palace is a comprehensive indoor sports venue, located in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan. Built in 1967, ...

Capital Indoor Stadium

Capacity: 17,345
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Located in 56 Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing, China, the Capital Indoor Stadium was built in 1968 which is also used for multi-purposes...