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Ghost Glove

Golf, Swimming, Tennis
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The Ghost Glove is one of the latest technologies, designed to be used specifically by blind athletes to improve their game. The device was designed by a team of engineering students from Imperial College, United Kingdom. It uses a combination of vibrating pads and sensors...

Drysuits Technology

Surfing, Diving, Scuba Diving
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Dry Suit technology simply means a suit which is worn by divers, boaters, and water sports enthusiasts that provide thermal protection and exclusion of water. Dry suit makes the diving experience more intense and unique, helping divers keep dry and warm underwater and making them...

Hawk Eye

Hurling, Gaelic Football, Rugby Union + 6 More
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The Hawk Eye is a computer-based technology which helps in providing a virtual understanding of the path of an object such as the ball used in cricket, tennis, etc. The technology was invented in 2001 by Dr. Paul Hawkins in the United Kingdom for cricket....

Acuspike Hitting Machine

Beach Volleyball, Volleyball
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Acuspike hitting machine is exercised in volleyball spike training for the volleyball players which allows the release of the ball as well as the self-reloading of the next ball. The key to success for players in a volleyball game is to achieve maximum vertical jump while maintaining the trajectory of...

Altitude Tent

Cross-country Skiing, Athletics, Cycling + 1 More
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Altitude training is meant to boost up the endurance of athletes and enhance performance to make them habitual to harsh atmospheric conditions. The Altitude Tent helps in generating more oxygen-carrying blood cells as the oxygen density in the air at higher areas is less, which can cause breathing problems to...
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Known as "Ergometers", "Erg" or "Ergo", is an indoor rowing machine that helps rowers to measure and improve their performance in the sport of rowing. The machine calibrates the efforts done by rowers and gives an excellent idea of their performance. The invention of this device has built a new...
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Heart Rate Monitor is a device used predominantly by athletes for training purposes. A heart rate monitor helps in tracking the heart rates and tells us precisely the working of the heart, while training. It also helps in tracking how one’s fitness improves over a period and easily pluck out...

Respi Belt

Athletics, Cycling
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Respi Belt is a new generation and unique breathing training device, developed by Progressive Sports Technologies at Loughborough University, England, after extensive research over the years. Respi Belt is manufactured & marketed by OPRO 360 in the UK, the manufacturers of custom-fit and self-fit mouthguards. This innovative device comes with an...
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Scatt Shooter training system is an advanced electronic gadget for shooters and archers for training purposes to better their performance for the crucial events. The system is manufactured by the SCATT Company, an organisation established in 1991. The system provides a shooting simulation with the help of an electronic optical...