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23 Sep, 2019

Sports Legends & Their Worth-To-Follow Diet Routines

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Whether you're a sprinter or a bodybuilder, diet and fitness routines are something that you need to follow accurately according to your sport. Where fitness is something you gain through practice and punctuality, diet is all about what you allow to infuse in your internal system to boost your energy. Indeed, it’s the born talent and passion that leads great athletes to ace their play but a proper diet and training regime is all that prepare them to go with all mind and body. And if they can nail their niche with these habits, why not you? Thus here we've listed up what you were looking for - the diet and fitness routine of sports legends that are worth to follow. Check'em out!  


Roger Federer

Roger Federer, Tennis Player- Roger and his diet routines

Photo Credits: Neale Cousland /

Well, that's a bigger and more curious question when it comes to talking about the fitness and diet routine of the greatest tennis player of all time- Roger Federer. In his own words, "For me, food and drinks and all that stuff is also a way of life to enjoy myself. It’s also part of a hobby for me. I’m not going to change it now, to be honest. I enjoy myself this way." As it's clear by the statement, Federer although doesn't follow a strict diet routine but makes sure that whatever he is eating, should be good going for his health and performance. The diet includes fruits, homemade waffles, cereals in the breakfast, a light pasta lunch before going for any match and a shot of coffee, fresh juice or vinegar in daily liquids and anything favourite from the Italian, Japanese and Indian cuisines


Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt- The fastest Man Alive and his diet routine

Photo Credits: Ververidis Vasilis /

Earning the title of the "Fastest Man Alive" must have costed Bolt to follow a strict diet to go fast and furious, but the reality is a bit different from this thought. In the early days of his career, Bolt wasn't a routine-boy. But, when he realised the effects of his daily intake on his performance and longevity; he turned it in the most followed manner. He added enough veggies and proteins in his daily diet to infuse energy and avoid tiredness in his training sessions. The training began with an egg sandwich. The lunch includes pasta with corned beef. The dinner has enormous choices with broccoli (something which he doesn't like yet includes to get benefitted) and some favourite veggies along with roasted chicken, Jamaican dumplings or yams. And, above all, not-to-forget healthy liquids to keep him hydrated, especially in the heats.


Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli and his perfect diet routine

Photo Credits: Anand Anil /

"The Kaptaan Kohli" of the Indian Cricket Team is extremely conscious about his diet and training regime, and we don't need to question about it as his performance speaks a lot. "Once a chubby teenager" transformed himself as the fittest hunk amongst the Men in Blue. Kohli's day begins with the breakfast rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats. For this, he prefers including egg whites and spinach to balance blood pressure and a great source of vitamins. His morning diet may also include cheese, smoked salmon and grilled bacon. A considerable amount of fruits also helps Kohli to bring more energy in the game, and there we have the sixes on the cricket field. Kohli's liquid diet includes green lemon tea, juices and lots of water. Talking about the dinner, he has seafood, red meat and green veggies to increase metabolism, promote brain function and improve immunity. And that's how the champ goes hitting for India!


P. V. Sindhu

Badminton Champion P.V. Sindhu following strict diet routine

Photo Credits: Karunesh Johri /

A 24YO badminton sensation of India who believes in nothing but perseverance- P. V. Sindhu. The gritty girl who notched-up the world badminton ranking must have been training hard, and for hard training, she must have been following a well-formed diet plan. Unlike all other athletes, Sindhu doesn't have a bit of freedom to eat whatever she likes. There is zero sugar and high protein. During her practice sessions, she keeps herself hydrated with water and fresh fruit juices. All she has in breakfast is milk, eggs and a full bowl of fresh fruits. Sindhu's pocket snacks are only dry fruits. The lunch and dinner go on with some rice, meat and green vegetables. There is nothing much special, yet the scheduled diet and training routine has made her the international badminton champion. So if she can, why can't you?


Mary Kom

Mary Kom's diet routine to ace the boxing world

Photo Credits: Bollywood Hungama /

The six-time World Champion and the most renowned female boxer of India, Mary Kom, portrays an excellent example that it's more about passion and dedication to trail success. Inspite of the extreme training pressure and disciplined life, Mary doesn't make it heavy for herself and eats what she likes but makes sure that it may not drag her performance. She avoids heavy junks and takes lots of protein and vitamins, neglecting spicy stuff. Of course, she can't miss on Jalebis, ice-cream and her daily intake- Boiled or sticky rice but along with intense training schedules. 

Well, a good bottom-line is always the one that concludes the whole article in the most efficient manner. So eat, drink and feel healthy just like these athletes, and you don't have to run for gyms at all.
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