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22 Nov, 2019

India’s Rahul and Pakistan’s Furqan will fight today at MMA’s ONE: Edge of Greatness event

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It’s going to be another phenomenon event of the world’s most breathtaking martial arts action ONE Championship, which returns to the Singapore Indoor Stadium with ONE: Edge of Greatness!

The ONE: Edge of Greatness line-up this Friday, 22 November, characterizes a few of The Home of Martial Arts most admired submission masters, counting a pair of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champions, and mixed martial artists that have demonstrated their finishing ability in the Circle.

In the spectacular event between the sporting rivalry from the ages, Indian veteran Rahul K Raju who is also known as “The Kerala Krusher” will fight against Pakistan’s phenom Furqan “The Lion” Cheema, tomorrow Nov, 22 at ONE: Edge of Greatness event. With such possibility of thorn collision, get prepared for a dazzling showcase of marvellous striking.

There are as of now 11 battles on the card after ONE Championship found a substitution for Ahmed Mujtaba, Rahul Raju’s original rival.

Let’s have a look at the career stats of both

Rahul K Raju

Rahul (6-4) hails from India but is based in Singapore. Rahul lost his first three fights for the promotion but is coming off a submission win at ONE: Enter the Dragon.

Nickname  The Kerala Krusher
Height  6’1” (185 Cm)
Weight  79.5 Kg
Class  Welterweight
Born  India
Playing Country India
Pro MMA Record 6-4-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

WINS - 06

2 KO/TKO (40%)  3 SUBMISSIONS (40%) 1 DECISION (20%)


1 KO/TKO (25%) 1 SUBMISSION (25%)  2 DECISIONS (50%)

Pro Welterweights Ranking - 23rd ranked of 111 active Asia Southeast Pro Welterweights.

Association - Juggernaut Fight Club

Furqan Cheema

Furqan (3-0) comes from Pakistan but is based in England. Furqan moreover holds an 8-1 amateur record and has not lost a battle since 2013.Nickname- The Lion

Nickname  The Lion
Height  6’3” (191 Cm)
Weight  81.41 Kg
Class  Welterweight
Born  United Kingdom
Playing Country Pakistan
Pro MMA Record 3-0-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

WINS - 03

2 KO/TKO (67%)   1 SUBMISSION (33%) 0 DECISIONS (00%)

Pro Welterweights Ranking - 91st ranked of 271 active UK/Ireland Pro Welterweights.

Association - Gracie Barra Huddersfield

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