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User Plans

General Terms-

  • Credits are actually a definite number of points granted to a user according to the plan purchased for a limited duration. By spending the specific number of credits, the user will be allowed to use the specific service once, according to the plan such as adding a sport through a Sports Addon, contacting other users through Contact Plan or Athlete Plan, adding sub-users through Sub-User Addon.
  • All the plans are based on credits.
  • All plans will remain active until the expiration date.
  • The contact plan will be activated only after premium plan subscription.
  • There is no carryover of credits or duration even if you upgrade or downgrade to any other plan.
  • The number of credits and the duration of plans are subjected to change.
  • There is no option of plan cancellation and the payment is non-refundable.

Premium Plan

  • On activating the plan, the users will get features mentioned in the plan.
  • You will not be able to use the services and features related to the premium plan after plan expiration.

Contact Plan

  • One credit will be deducted on mailing any Matik user through our Matik Mail feature whereas, two and three credits will be deducted on viewing the email address and mobile number of Matik users, respectively.
  • Athlete Plan is for athletes, coaches, physiotherapists, sports officials, athlete managers, sports nutritionists, sports fitness trainers, sports lawyers, sports writers/journalists and sports enthusiasts to view the contact details of athletes.
  • All other users can view the contact details of athletes through the contact plan and hence there is no need to buy athlete plan.

Sub-user Addon Plan

  • If a sub-user is removed by the primary user within the plan duration that credit will be adjusted, and another sub-user can be added for the same duration.
  • A sub-user can only be deleted. There is no option of account deactivation for sub-users.