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08 Aug, 2018

Why Sports Sucks?

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Sport really sucks according to our present criterion of living life in the most chilled and numbed manner. I mean, we are so busy in our WhatsApp chats, and Instagram updates that who is going to have time to get up early for a brisk walk and select a sport that can make us healthy and fit and for what?

Of course, we all think that we are at our best and who is going to follow that boring league games just to push our athletes to perform their best and give our crucial participation in the effort of uniting nations through sports.

Apart from this, there are some common excuses given by common people like you and me on why sports sucks. Let's have a look…

Because it gives you a reason to be Healthy!

Of course! How can we miss out on the cheesy sandwiches, pizzas and burgers? Does it really matter if we are physically fit? We are having big pockets with lots of green leaves then why do we need to eat green and go for long runs to burn calories.

We don’t earn for losing anything. Right? So what if we have big tummies and loads of fat with us. I mean who cares if you’re having a fit body through proper training and feel good about yourself, being energised.

Terms like fitness, gym, and healthy routine are good vocabs, but the reality is far away from these words. This is not going to hinder our social status as we have plenty of riches Dude! And, if we talk about the uncountable diseases that we adapt to being unhealthy, can be cured of with pharmaceutical dosages and you know what?

We can visit our doctor often by leading such an adventurous life. After all, being healthy is so boring.

Because it makes your life more routined!

Obviously not! Getting up early in the morning for long runs after doing a late-night party or overtime of working schedules is not going to fulfil my sleeping dosages. Instead, I will have a whole next day yawning at the office, daydreaming of having a good sleep in my bed.

Then how can it be a reason to be healthy if I even can’t get proper sleep. And if you are going to say that I should sleep early to get up early then tell me who is going to do all the pending work that I have compiled as I was busy attending my best friend’s friend's birthday party, shopping and after- office chit-chats.

Of course, no one wants to miss out on the crucial office gossips, late-night parties and long e-sports battles with friends in terms of sound sleep that will help you regain your energy for the next day and make your days scheduled.

Because it teaches you Sportsmanship!

The seed to compete with others is inbuilt in humans, and we always try to achieve things before others. In the quest, who cares about moral values, respect, attitude towards competitors and sportsmanship?

Seriously! I mean, why should I give a hand to my competitors to stand up, to beat me in the race? It’s better to leave them behind for their own good and taste victory. After all, earning respect is not at all a good thing. Agreeing with me?

Because it gives you a reason to be in limelight!

We have numerous exemplars that have proved how pursuing at least a sport can change your life. An ordinary typist from Bangalore Mrs R. Umadevi never thought of becoming the World Billiards Champion but she did.

Do you know why? Because she gave her sport a chance to prove its worth. A regular boy from a middle-class family decided to pursue shooting as a career becoming an international shooter - Zakir Khan.

We all know Argentina ace Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pelé, and M.S. Dhoni. But who wanna be a pin-up boy or girl, surrounded by media and praise pieces at several newspapers and international magazines?

You see how pleasant and peaceful it is to be an ignorant soul who the world doesn’t know much. And, above all this, why do I have a big fan following on social media for my extraordinary efforts for the nation like these sports heroes and history? No man! Who studies the past?

Sports don’t work as a magical lamp of Aladdin through which you can wish and win without any effort. If you are choosing any sport, you have to invest too instead of making such implausible excuses. It works on the principle of action-reaction. What you give is what you gain. The real thing is that SPORTS NEVER SUCKS.

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