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28 Feb, 2018

The Power of Coaching

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At present, most of the youth and children are trying to balance academics and athletics to perform well in both fields but somewhere they are bound to compete for good grades. To achieve success, the most important thing is the support of parents towards their children for better performance. Their role is quite significant in this respect. After each win or loss, children look to their parents and try to sense their reaction.

Every parent has a coach within, who can encourage children for a better performance as they know their child better than anyone and in the initial stages of life can help him/her better to deal with bars that block their way. Here are some tip-offs which can help parents being a better coach of their child to perform well in every field of life.

Be their First Fan

Remember, it hardly matters if children win or lose. What matters is their participation. If you give them a negative response to their defeat or average performance, then they may feel reluctant. In fact, this will lead them to mental pressure and distress.

On the other side, if you smile at their defeat and motivate them for further practice, they may skip getting into depression. So be the first fan of their performance.

Build Sportsmanship

This should be clear in the mind of children that if they want to have a real sense of sports, they must play games with fair means and not have a complex from others who perform better than them. Help them in learning from their flaws.

Teach your child that the opponent team is not his enemy or someone that needs to be destroyed. Convey to your child that good performance must be applauded regardless of who performs.

Children have a tendency to feel humiliated when they lose, and you must teach them to consider it as an opportunity to learn more as sports is a common platform to perform in a way that entertains and inspires others.

Be a Supporter, not a Rule Book

In craving to make your children succeed; some parents force them to practise 24x7. As a result, they start violating and even become stubborn which doesn’t signify good parenting at all. Play a single role at a time.

It is well said, "Don't parent when you coach and don’t coach when you parent".

Also, follow these in your life as well because actions can teach better than words.

Natural Sports Will

As a famous proverb says "You can fetch the horse to the pond but can’t force it to drink water".

The same way you can force your children to be a part of sports he doesn’t want to involve, but they will never learn anything. Children should choose their games by themselves. So, encourage them for their interest and not to live your unfulfilled dreams.

A coach is someone who can teach the skills and rules of the game required to play the sport with dexterity. It is your responsibility to encourage him/her to play the sport regularly and to appreciate the child for even the smallest victory. That way, you can ensure that the child’s interest isn’t dampened midway.

Be a Partner in Practice

You know your child is inclined to a sport and you have started encouraging him. But somewhere they need your guidance. There is a much better way to make your child progress. So, make time out of your work and get onto the ground along with your child.

Also, start early because young learners are quick learners.

Guide for the All-round Development

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy", This statement is not an exaggeration.

Playing Sports is a natural stress buster and encouraging the child to pursue sports as a profession or hobby definitely helps the child to grow in a better way. In some cases, children even become recluses which affect their performance.

After a heavy workout and academic classes, a child should be given some time to relax and regain energy for the next move. So let them spend some time for themselves by doing whatever they want.

Hope these tips may work for you to be a better guide for your children so that they may win in every field of life.


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