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28 Dec, 2018

Munny Sharma: The Fittest Teen in India

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Meet the young delhite Munny Sharma, known as the fittest teen in India. He is a powerlifter, a weightlifter, taekwondo and judo practitioner, and above all; one of the youngest fitness trainers of the nation. And now, he is the Sports President of Delhi University Students' Union (DUSU) for 2019-20. He has secured the 8th rank in Asia and 1st in India at the CrossFit Open 2018. Munny started his journey when he was in school, studying in the third standard and till now; has gained numerous accolades under his belt with his power-pack performances at various stages. This 18 YO guy has a beautiful vision to make India fit and healthy and encouraged the youth to pursue sports of their choice. Want to know about him? Then read this amazing interview which Munny had with


You have the second winning title of India Gladiator 2018. How does it feel?

Munny Sharma fitness trainer achievements

That was a great achievement for me. The efforts that I put in my training sessions for the title have proved to be fruitful, and I am content with this. My hard work paid me off, and I am hoping the same for my future competitions. With such achievements, you get encouraged to pursue a career in sports what I believe as these are what boosting me up to gain glories in the world of sports and work with all my passion. I think if I can gain such achievement, the count can be increased with time and training as well.


From where did you seek inspiration to become a fitness trainer?

Munny Sharma: a fitness trainer from Delhi

My taekwondo trainer Naveen Sir is the inspiration behind my career choices. I learned the basics of taekwondo under his guidance, and he is the one who suggested me to work on my physical strength as I was weak. On his suggestion, I chose the fitness field and over a passage of time; groomed myself as a fitness trainer and became the fittest teen in India. I secured the eighth rank in the CrossFit Games 2018 all over Asia. This is all because of his guidance. He is a physical education teacher at a government school and handling many fitness campaigns and academies.


You’re national level judo and taekwondo player and also involved in weightlifting and powerlifting. Will you ever pursue a career as an athlete?

Munny Sharma: taekwondo and Judo Practitioner

I was in school, studying in the third standard when I started practising taekwondo. I have this fighting instinct since then. So my mother suggested me that if I want to fight, I should fight professionally and get accolades for fighting, not notoriety. My parents get me enrolled in the taekwondo classes where I learned the basics of the game and developed an interest in sports. Then I started practising judo, wrestling and fitness training and steadily gained many achievements at the national level with which I strengthen my will to pursue a career in sports and fitness.


What was your parents' reaction to your career choices?

Munny Sharma at CrossFit Open 2018

I have the full support of my family from the first day. They have always encouraged me to give my best in every competition. Whenever I lose, they encourage me to get up again and fight to win. My father, mother, and sister all supported me in my career choices, and I am blessed to have such a family.


What is your daily routine?

I wake up early at 5 O’ clock and do training for myself. After that, I go to a gym where I work as a trainer. I am also pursuing B.Sc from IGIPESS, so I give time to my studies as well. I am doing a job at a private gym so that I can save money for my dream gym where I may personally train people to be fit and healthy, and support them with whatever I have learned. This is all my daily day up!


How will you define yourself in one phrase?



What are your goals as a fitness trainer?

Munny Sharma fitness trainer

My goal as a fitness trainer is to make India realise the significance of a healthy and fit body and soul. Each one of us should involve in sports as they teach us a lot and make us physically and mentally fit. People still think that sports have no significance as a career. Even today, parents prompt children like “Beta Padh Lo! Beta Padh Lo, kuch nahi hona khelne se!” This makes a negative impact in their mind about sports. With recognised titles and accolades, this myth can be broken, and people can step ahead to pursue a career in sports and fitness. You know the fitness industry is so vast in itself, and we all can have it as a career choice. I want to change the perception of the society regarding the career choices and encourage the youth to go for sports and fitness fields if they want.


What three simple exercises you will suggest to sportspersons, fanatics and fitness freaks to go on daily?

Push-ups, Squats and Burpees


Have you ever skipped your training and exercise sessions?

Yes! There are times when we feel utterly exhausted, and our body refuses to go on more. That’s the time to hold on and take rest because rest is also a part of our training. So yes! I do take breaks and sometimes skip my training sessions.


Share your philosophy to be healthy and fit.

There is nothing like a fitness mantra for me. I just go with the flow to be healthy and fit and work out hard.


Name a fitness luxury without which you can’t live.

Barbells and plates


What do you do in your free time?

Apart from my training sessions, I study and research about fitness regimes and try to learn new techniques with which I may help my trainees to be fit smartly. I never get my mind diverted. For me, fitness is everything!


Where do you look yourself in the coming ten years?

Munny Sharma Fitness Trainer and athlete

I look myself competing at the CrossFit World Games. I want to train and guide people who are fitness freaks and sportspersons who are not getting support and proper guidance from anywhere. They can do well if supported well. I believe if we can omit politics from sports and play it with all sportsmanship, India can be counted amongst the top-notch sports countries. Real potentials are somehow dominated by corruption. There should be a fair platform to show the real grit.


To whom do you follow as your fitness idol?

My taekwondo trainer Sir Naveen Dahiya and Josh Bridges, a CrossFit Athlete


Are you associated with any fitness campaign?

Yes, I am Decathlon’s fitness partner.


What is your favourite workout?

I love clean jerk and snatch lifts of weightlifting which I practice often.


Share your memorable moment of win.

Munny Sharma at India Gladiator 2018

Once, I had a tough clash during my school games trials. In the first fight, my opponent’s knee hit on my face and my eyes got severely injured. Everyone suggested me not to continue the fight. I started crying because I wanted to compete as I have toiled hard for that and didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I had six stitches on my eyes and continued my fight which I eventually won and bagged a gold medal. After this, I got selected for the nationals through this performance which was a great opportunity for me. That was my memorable moment of win that taught me not to quit before it ends.


What do you think about

What I feel is that it’s the first and best platform in India where fitness and sportspersons can collaborate. Coaches, sponsors, fitness trainers, schools and all other entities can connect, creating a strong network and work for their benefits and transcend in their respective fields. I wish the nation could have such platform earlier but now we have one and it’s good to be a part of that. All the very best!


Munny Sharma is now a part of, Checkout his profile at the link given below-​

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