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13 Jun, 2022

Karan Kapoor – Mr. World 2022

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“It is not necessary that you get everything you wish but it’s definite that you will get everything once you start working on it.”

This phrase goes well for Karan Kapoor - a young man from Kanpur who is a Fitness Model, Fitness Athlete and Men’s Physique Athlete. He has recently bagged the 2022 Mr. World Body Building Contest Title held at Singapore on 3rd April, 2022. He has also been named as Mr. World in the overall pro category at the 2022 FIF Dennis Worldwide Classic Pro/Am.

Karan Kapoor has gained a lot of popularity with the increasing interest of people in the fitness field in all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and more. He is also the Fitness sensation who has shown everyone that it does not matter where you belong but it is the consistency that leads you to the path of success.

Karan Kapoor

So, in an exclusive Interview with Sportsmatik, Karan spoke about his training days, experiences he gained, how he got into the fitness field, and a lot more. Here is the complete conversation:


Karan, Please Tell us something about you?

Hello, Guys; this is Karan Kapoor. I am a Fitness Model, Fitness Athlete, and Men's Physique Athlete.  I am a recent winner of the Mr. World title.  I am from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India and I am also a Fitness Influencer. Besides, I am a fitness trainer and running my gym too, and I want to inspire everyone towards their fitness.


You are one of India's most sought-after male bodybuilding/fitness models. How did you start in this industry?

We all were a noobie at some point. Even I started in this industry as every beginner starts; I started with the IBBF's show in 2017, in which I ranked 4th and that was my first show; this is how my career started. Then, of course, I had to face lots of difficulties and hurdles. There was Nervousness, but as I kept on performing the shows, my confidence grew, and I realized that I could move ahead in the field; after that, I tried to do my best to go excel in this Industry.


Tell us more about your background in Fitness Modeling. What titles have you won, and what has been your most significant moment in the sport?

I belong to a middle-class family.  I do not have any fitness models or bodybuilders in my home or background, but it was my passion to transform myself, bring myself forward, and make my career in fitness. I have participated in many shows so far, from 2017 to 2022. Mr. U. P was my first show, after which in 2019, I did Mr. North India, Mr. Delhi, and Mr. Asia. Then, in 2020, Mr. North India, Mr. Delhi, and Mr. Punjab, and in 2021, Mr. U. P., Mr. North India, and Mr. Delhi. After that, I participated in Mr. World competition in 2022, and that is the most significant achievement of my life.

Karan Kapoor Mr. World 2022


What age and weight were you when you started training for Men's Physique Athlete? What are your current statistics?

I was 20 years old when I started the Men's Physique Training. At the age of 21-22, I took part in my first competition. It took me one to one-and-a-half years to prepare for my first competition. When I started my preparation, my weight was 95 kg, and I had to lose weight to participate in the competition, which took a long time. After hard work and perseverance, I reduced my weight from 95 kg to 63 kg. My height is 5' 7". My bodybuilding journey is elongated, and you can see my transformation on my social media handles.


You have a Physique in demand; how do you work on improving it? What is your current training program?

Yes, nowadays, this kind of physique is in demand, and to improve it, I exercise daily; I work-out twice a day and follow a strict diet. I want to give this message to everyone that you guys can also improve your body because if I can transform myself then others can.


Do you stay in shape year-round? What is required to maintain a certain appearance?

I don't think it is healthy for anyone to be in shape throughout the year. Everyone has a time period, especially Athletes; if you follow the general fitness, you can improve yourself the whole year even better, but there is a massive difference between going on-stage and off-stage. So, our on-seasons and off-seasons are different, and we can't maintain on-stage condition for a year; we have to come to the general body fat percentage to gain more muscle, which is very important to gain muscles. So, we follow different aspects of maintaining body fitness.

Karan Kapoor


What sort of exercises do you include in your routine to stay in shape?

To stay fit, I follow general basic bodybuilding workouts or cardio, and when I'm ready, I do both exercises together.


What Training & Nutrition methods gave you the best bodybuilding results?

I follow the Nutrition method consisting of low carbs, high protein, and very little but healthy fat; because healthy fat and high protein diet are also essential, which always works for me, I make sure to take fruits and salad, boiled Chicken, and boiled Egg in the diet. In addition, I do thirty minutes to one hour of cardio in my workout region; whether it is a morning workout or evening muscle training, I definitely do cardio, which is my Workout and Nutrition Method.

Keto Diet for Fitness


Training and work take a lot of time. What hobbies and interests do you have to balance your life?

Yes, both work and training are very important. However, to keep my life in balance, my hobbies or interests are singing, dancing, watching movies, reading articles about bodybuilders, Nutrition, the fitness industry, and reading about new topics.  For me, my hobby and interest both are fitness.


What would you like to achieve in the fitness/bodybuilding long term?

I want to make an individual identity for the future; I want people to know me by my name and hard work, which is a big deal for me.


Who do you admire in bodybuilding/fitness and why?

Although there are many International and Indian people who I admire, but the one I admire the most is Pankaj Gajwani, who is a Men's Physique Athlete. He is my inspiration.  When I started, it was Pankaj Gajwani who encouraged me and helped me to enter the fitness field. Apart from these, I have other coaches who have supported me and whom I admire, but Pankaj Gajwani is my biggest inspiration.

Pankaj Gajwani

Photo Credits - Pankaj Gajwani Instagram Account


What was your first major break in the Fitness modeling?

My first competition in fitness modeling was my big break which gave me recognition, and I also became trendy in the fitness industry in my city. My second significant milestone came after winning Mr. India when I won Bronze in 2021, and in 2022, I Won the Gold and now the Mr. World title.


Which workout routine has worked best for you?

My healthy and low calorie and high protein diet plan has worked best for me, that I have incorporated throughout my fitness journey. Gradually, I reduced carbs and increased protein in my diet; sometime before showtime, we reduce drinking water and stop taking salt and sugar in the diet. Our diet does not include milk, roti, and white rice. Sometimes we are even on zero carbs for a long time. I follow this rigorous diet, but this diet is vital to prepare a state-level body thoroughly.


If you had to select only three exercises, what would they be and why?

If I have to select only three exercises, then, I will select Running, Basic Deadlift, and Squat in Cardio.


What other qualities do you have which have helped you reach your goals?

If you want to achieve your goal, you have to be mentally prepared very well; you can achieve any goal if you have a strong will. Regardless of whether you are in any field like I am in the fitness field, or whatever your goal is, if you have a strong will, you will definitely be able to do that, which, in my opinion, is the most important quality that everyone should have. So many people ask me how they can keep their bodies fit; I want to ask them whether they really want to get a fit body or get inspired by someone, or prove to others that they can maintain their fitness? If someone really wants to get a fit body, they can achieve their goal only when they have a strong will, and then only they can achieve their goal.


What is your inspiration in life, and what keeps you motivated?

As a child, I was very healthy, due to which people used to make fun of me, and because of that, I had to bear a lot; inspired by that, I decided that I could change myself, and I kept trying for that. After that, I joined the gym, dieted, did hard work, and achieved what I am today.


Are you a believer in supplements? Which ones do you use, and what results have these given you?

Yes, I use Supplements, and that I have never denied anywhere. However, I recommend everyone to use General Supplements; if you are using the right Supplements, they are healthy for you, and you should always use high-quality and right Supplements! Supplements help you make the body fit, which we do not get quickly from a natural diet, but Supplements help in that, so yes, in my opinion, Supplements are healthy, but we should know how to use Supplements correctly.


How would you describe your diet?

Low, Minimum or No Carbs and High Protein like lean boiled food, Boiled Chicken, Boiled Fish, Boiled Eggs, and Salad are included in my diet, which is very normal and does not have any taste at all. Still, I have to eat this, and anyone who wants to get good bodybuilding results should focus on this type of food only because the fewer spices you use, the better it is for your body.


Does your diet change during competition?

Yes, our diet plan changes during the competition. Our diet is different for gaining on regular days, our diet is different on normal days, and our diet is rigorous during competition days, as we stop using salt and sugar completely. In addition, during competition days, our drinking water decreases; these are all factors that are necessary to make a competition-ready body.


Are you training for anything right now?

I never stop my training. I always keep preparing for the future; if I have to participate in any competition next year, I start preparing for it from now; many people feel that the body gets in shape in a short time, but it is incorrect. It takes years of hard work and persistence to get results like this; it is not a month's work; it has taken me many years to build my body.


Is there specialized training that you have undergone for building the endurance levels?

By changing the training method, a little or by training with a knowledgeable person and with their guidance, you can increase your endurance level, like if you do repetitions slowly and in medium weight and gradually you increase your repetitions or go to your maximum output, then your Endurance Level will definitely increase automatically.


You are a role model for many people. They want to be like you. What advice will you give them?

First of all, I am not a role model, I am an ordinary human being, and I believe in myself. So, I want to give this advice to my followers; if you also want to achieve something, you have to believe in yourself. If you want to do something, and if you want to get something, then put your whole heart into it, then no one can stop you from getting that thing.


Three tips you would give to someone who is trying to reach their goal physique?

If you want to achieve your Physical Goal, the three tips that I would like to give are Consistent Workout, Workout diet and Routine plan, and follow-up; many people leave their training in the middle without any training and plan. If you have a training plan, a diet plan, and your routine is set, you have to be consistent; it takes time to achieve any goal, and giving yourself time will definitely give you the results.


What is the most challenging part of this career?

The most challenging part of this career is that you have to work hard every day, there is no holiday, and we cannot cheat on diet or workout; otherwise, that thing reflects on our body, you have to work hard every day. However, I believe that there is hard work in every work; but if the work you enjoy does not feel like work.

Karan Kapoor


Where can your Audience keep in touch with you? (Social Media)

My Audience can connect with me through my social media accounts.

My Instagram handle is -mekarankapoor, and searching Karan Kapoor fitness model on google will find all my social media handles; this way, we can connect. You guys can directly message me, and you can ask anything.


What are your expectations from as the World's First Unified Sports Platform?

I hope that Sportsmatik will help me convey this message to more and more people through this interview, and those who want to know about this career or me, and this interview helps them in any manner then I would be very thankful to Sportsmatik. 

I thank Sportsmatik for allowing me to interview on their platform.

Stay Healthy and Stay Fit. Thank you!


His determination and unwavering devotion to his profession makes him stand out from others and his passion to represent the country at the Worldwide Fitness Platform is truly commendable.

The Team and its Members applaud Karan and wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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