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21 Apr, 2021

Exclusive interview with Parth Jagtap - India's Rising Roller & Ice Hockey Star

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There must be a passion for something if you want to be successful, and if you come from sports, you must have such passion for the sport that you love to pursue. That passion is instilled in Maharashtra's one of the best goal scorers of Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey, Parth Jagtap, at the age of 12, when he set the world record for skating the enormous 720 km at that time on roller skates non-stop for 31 hours. 

Parth, a keen and passionate young Ice and Roller hockey player from Pune, Maharashtra, has represented India in two Inline and Roller Hockey World Championships and has several state-level accolades to his name. The 23-year-old started playing field hockey during his school years, and it was his coach who introduced him to roller hockey. 

Parth was the youngest player for the Indian team which bagged a fourth place at the 2019 World Roller Skating Games. Wearing the tricolour is always a great feeling for Parth. He was also the first person from Maharashtra to have played directly in the senior Indian team.

After reaching the highest level in roller hockey, Parth is now working hard to reach the pinnacle of ice hockey. Parth played his first national ice hockey match in Ladakh, and it was an unforgettable experience for him. 

Not only this, but Parth has also been a roller hockey coach who helped Pune district roller hockey team to win six state championships. Parth is a humble sportsperson with an ambition to promote sports and help young talent succeed. He is always trying new things with a stick and puck to improve his game.

Speaking to the Sportsmatik Community in an exclusive interview, the down-to-earth & easygoing roller-hockey star Parth expressed his experiences and his sports journey and how his determination, passion and dream for sport helped him to represent India at the World Championships. Here’s the entire story -

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Parth Jagtap is now a part of Sportsmatik. Checkout his profile at -​

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    • Shrikant
    • Shrikant3 years ago
    • Keep going Parth. Good job sportsmatik to support the unheard talent of India.
      Way to go Parth...
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