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28 Feb, 2018

Discipline - An Essential Quality to Win

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Thinking of this word brings quite a seriousness to our soul. Especially when it comes to an athlete as for him, it is the primary and essential quality on which all other classes rely. Athletes don’t sport for themselves but for the nation and for the fans which signify a huge responsibility on them.

We all compete to win not to lose, and for that we need discipline. Now the question arises that how we can build this essential quality in ourselves to be successful in our life.

Here are some tip-offs which can help you in building up this essential quality.

Stick to the Plan

Just making plans will never work out. You have to act according to it. Don’t wait for the right time and simply make a start. It may take some time to get in form, but it is better than to sit and wait for spring. The main thing is whatever you are planning should not be violated.

Follow those rules which you have made for yourself and adhere to them, even after succeeding.


In sports, timing is everything. Each game is bounded with some time limits within which a sportsperson has to perform. When we set a deadline for any task, we are disciplining ourselves with it.

Start giving yourself deadlines for your daily works as it will increase your speed and you will get more time to do other jobs as well.

Rank your Performance

An athlete always tends to give better performance than done before. He neither depreciates his ranking nor sticks to it. So, grade your performance each day and make sure that it will improve the next day.

You already know the famous fable of "The Hare and the Tortoise". The fast could have won the race if he would not have taken a pause due to his overconfidence.

Be Organized

Living a chaotic life will never work if you want to be successful and hence a great performer in your field. Instead, leading an organized life helps you better in practising discipline as it will give peace of mind and a soothing schedule to train yourself for your sport.

Avoid Excuses

According to George Washington Carver,Ninety-nine per cent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.

If you have a firm will to become a successful athlete, then you ought to avoid giving reasons as they will hinder your performance and lengthen your path towards the aim.

Motivate Yourself

Reading inspirational books and biographies of legendary sports icons will help you in boosting up your confidence and desire to succeed.

You can also consult with people who can raise your confidence and give you better suggestions to perform well.

Each day spend some time talking with yourself or simply meditate. It will help you to be patient and more focused on your aim.


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